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When perfection is not possible

What do you get when FC Basel 1893 and Swisscom team up together? The Swiss App of the Year.

Football is imperfect. Because the ball is played with two parts of the body that are completely unsuitable: the feet and the head. The smartest tactics, the cleanest technique, the strongest muscles and the clearest head can only do their best in the imperfection of the sport.

Even the Swiss Champions FC Basel 1893 are not infallible, but ambitious. And the club knows what needs to be done to stay the best, become even better and look after their up-and-coming young players. Therefore FCB has gone digital.

Fully digitised young talent

Wrestling with paperwork is over for trainers and physiotherapists. In collaboration with Swisscom, the football club has developed a new talent app. The basic idea behind this: All performance data for the young players is recorded in a uniform database and can be called up on a mobile device at the touch of a button.

The strength of the new talent app is its three-pronged approach: trainers and physiotherapists can oversee their pupils; the players get their own personal view; Administration and Management can manage teams and players. A fully digitised ecosystem.

The golden app

The Swiss App of the Year in the Enterprise category doesn’t make football perfect. But it helps FCB to concentrate on what is possible in football: to get the best out of that imperfection.

See here for the story featuring Massimo Ceccaroni:

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