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Swisscom in Switzerland

Swisscom is committed to service and quality and to interacting with its customers in a personalised and value-adding manner. Approximately 6 million customer visits to Swisscom Shops, 3,500 customer advisors, 14 million calls from residential and SME customers and more than one and a half million e-mails, letters and social media enquiries per year are the basis for Swisscom staying in touch with its customers and providing personal service. For years now, excellence in service has been a top priority for Swisscom.

Residential Customers

In 2016, Swisscom enhanced its Swisscom TV 2.0 offering with a new UHD TV-Box, new functions and more content. The new ultra-high definition TV-box (UHD TV-Box) was launched in April 2016. It is smaller, quicker, more economical and displays images in ultra-high definition. At the same time, customers can now use the voice control function on the new remote control to search for content. In addition to the seven-day Replay function, the Video on Demand offering has been expanded and the latest TV series can be rented prior to their first broadcast on free TV. Swisscom has also updated the Natel infinity mobile phone offering. The new Natel infinity 2.0 subscription not only includes unlimited surfing, telephone calls and SMS/MMS in Switzerland, but also offers data transmission speeds that are up to five times faster, a considerable increase in roaming options, more included calls abroad, unlimited use of myCloud and one year’s free use of Swisscom TV Air. The bundled offerings, ranging from Vivo XS to XL, combine TV, Internet and fixed-line access and offer the right subscription for individual needs. Subscribers who combine Vivo and Natel infinity (plus) also benefit from a bundle discount. In myCloud, Swisscom offers its customers a Swiss solution for the secure management and sharing of their personal data, such as photos, videos and documents. Swisscom Natel infinity customers enjoy unlimited storage capacity, while everyone else is given 15 gigabytes. Customers can also securely save their important documents, passwords and notes in Docsafe. The service offerings are also continually being upgraded. In addition to offerings such as My Service – the personal technical support service available as a subscription or on a one-off basis – Swisscom has now launched the Swisscom Repair Centre. Customers can now hand their damaged mobile phones into one of several Repair Centres and have them repaired within 24 hours without the phone leaving the Swisscom Shop. Swisscom is the only provider of mobile phone repair services across Switzerland that uses original replacement parts and thus caters to changing customer needs. Thanks to Swisscom Friends, customers receive rapid on-site customer support for technical issues from people in their neighbourhood. Experienced users can register for the service and build up a network of Swisscom Friends. Swisscom customers can book a Swisscom Friend to, for example, install a device in their home. Swisscom Friends are volunteers and are compensated by customers directly.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

My SME Office and Smart Business Connect are modern communications solutions based on the future-oriented IP technology. The two packages include an Internet connection, telephony service and additional services such as an Internet failover. In combination with IT services from the cloud (Dynamic Computing Services and Business Network Solutions), SMEs are gaining a measure of flexibility in their everyday work, as they can set-up, dismantle and modify their IT and communications infrastructure at any time. Swisscom also offers Natel business infinity for SME and software from the cloud (Storebox, Microsoft Office 365 and HomepageTool) as well as full service solutions. Thanks to the digital solutions on offer, Swisscom gives its SME customers the option to work on any device or in any location, and sets them up to overcome the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world.

Enterprise Customers

Digitisation is substantially changing business processes, business models, the customer experience and the working world in companies, and relies on the presence of solid communication networks. As a telecommunications and IT company, Swisscom has many years’ experience in digitisation and innovative solutions. It is driving the digitisation of Switzerland and supporting companies in their digital transformation. In this context, it has one of the largest ICT portfolios, comprising cloud, outsourcing and workplace solutions, UCC solutions, mobile phone solutions, networking solutions, location networking, business process optimisation, SAP solutions, security and authentication solutions (mobile ID) and a full range of services tailored to the banking industry, ranging from IT and business outsourcing to trend research. Swisscom also offers new solutions such as the Low Power Network for the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine networks, digital consulting, software development and solutions for digitised business processes.

Healthcare market

Swisscom provides a full range of services for the healthcare sector. Swisscom offers private individuals the Evita online health dossier, medical practices a cloud-based practice software and billing services, and health insurance companies the operation of their core IT systems. Swisscom is pressing ahead with digitisation in the health sector by providing networking solutions for service providers. This makes Swisscom a key provider of networked healthcare solutions on the Swiss market.

Networked home

Swisscom Energy Solutions is the first provider in Europe to use the intelligent tiko storage network for households. tiko power allows its 6,500 users to control and optimise the consumption of their heat pumps, electric heating systems and boilers remotely via the Internet. This makes it the largest electricity storage network in Switzerland with an overall capacity equal to a hydroelectric power station.


Sustainable ICT technologies support companies in their efforts to save energy and cut costs in intelligent ways while also offering their staff an attractive working environment. These techno­logies include teleworking and virtual meetings, which save on travel costs and time, and telehousing and hosting solutions, which reduce the amount of energy consumed by data centres. The Internet of Things creates further opportunities to manage vehicles, buildings and machines more intelligently and efficiently than in the past. Products that provide added value in terms of their sustainability for the environment and/or people receive a label, as well as a note describing their added value.


Fastweb in Italy

Fastweb provides its residential and corporate customers with voice and broadband services through its own broadband and ultrafast broadband network as well as via unbundled access lines and wholesale products of Telecom Italia. In 2016, Fastweb strengthened the successful partnership with the pay-TV provider Sky Italia, offering an increasing number of bundled products which combine voice, broadband and TV services. Under an agreement with a mobile operator, Fastweb offers its mobile services primarily to residential customers. There is a full range of ICT, cloud and security service offerings for corporate customers.

Fastweb has confirmed its leading position as an innovative service provider. In 2016, work was started on upgrading the FTTS network to the improved VDSL technology, which doubled data transmission rates to speeds of up to 200 Mbps. The WiFi sharing solution (WoW-Fi), which can turn a customer’s home router into a potential Wi-Fi access point for the entire Fastweb community, was also expanded on the entire infrastructure. This solution is based on Fastweb’s fibre-optic network and a simple but secure registration process. Fastweb thus offers its customers the possibility of using mobile Internet without any additional expense.