Stakeholders’ letter

Dear Readers


People and the relationships that bring them together are at the heart of what Swisscom does. Be it as customers or colleagues, in business or in private, as a team or as individuals; but ultimately as a part of society – the relationship between Swisscom and Swiss society is a reciprocal bond. If the people of Switzerland feel good, Swisscom feels good. This is precisely why Swisscom considers sustainability as a long-term investment in the future of Switzerland as a whole.

How can we achieve what we have set out to do? By thinking ahead when defining our goals and acting boldly. In doing so, we want to support one million people in fulfilling their desire for an increasingly mobile working environment. This enables significant CO2 savings and takes the pressure off public traffic infrastructure. We also want to educate one million people on how to use media safely and responsibly, helping them avoid negative consequences before they arise. In an increasingly interconnected and digitised world, Swisscom always offers its customers the best – regardless of their location.  In doing so, Swisscom wants people and businesses in Switzerland to be able to fully exploit the opportunities provided by the networked world.  

That is exactly how we embrace sustainability: we do not compensate, we reduce and we avoid. Swisscom has grown over the past years, acquiring more customers, generating more revenue and hiring more employees. In one area, though, we have recorded a decline – one we are proud of: we have achieved a slight reduction in emissions, and we have done so with only a slight increase in energy consumption. We have come to learn that everything is interconnected, and that building a stable relationship requires effort – every day.

Swisscom assumes responsibility for our environment, our society and our economy. On the basis of numerous discussions with customers, employees, investors, NGOs, politicians, experts, authorities and the Swiss Confederation in 2016, we have developed a sustainability strategy that complements our corporate strategy. This strategy encompasses our commitment to the environment, society and the economy, and defines six goals that we intend to achieve by 2020 in the areas of energy efficiency and climate protection, work and life, improving media skills, attractive employer, fair supply chain and connecting Switzerland. For example, we intend to use our ICT services to save twice as much CO2 as we emit in the course of operations and along the entire supply chain. In addition to the environment and the economic objective of further connecting the whole of Switzerland, our main focus is on people. Under the “work and life” goal, we aim to provide support to a million customers in the areas of mobile working as well as living a healthy lifestyle. As the leading provider in the area of data security, we want to provide a million customers with support in using media in a safe and responsible manner and thus help to develop Switzerland’s media skills. Our services are designed to make a long-term contribution to creating a prosperous Switzerland and to treating people and the environment with a great deal of respect. “Sustainability” is one of the core values of our mission statement. By this, we mean thinking holistically and in a networked manner, securing long-term business success, assuming responsibility and using resources sensibly. We identify strongly with the Swiss community, as people and their relationships are at the heart of everything we do.


Kind regards


Stefan Nünlist

Head of Group Communications & Responsibility


Res Witschi

Head of Corporate Responsibility