Edvin Caminada, Service technician

Approx. 850

technicians and 400 partner employees are working for our customers.


customer visits take place every day on average.

“We support our customers on-site in the case of a fault with the aim of providing them with the very best customer experience. Our services range from providing customised advice to guaranteeing interruption-free access lines, configuring devices and integrating them into home networks.”
Tiziana Conzett, FCP apprentice network electrician specialising in telecommunication


employees and 80 apprentices work in the fields of network planning, construction and maintenance at subsidiary cablex.

In 300

municipalities every year, Swisscom is expanding its network.

Over 400,000

homes and businesses are connected to Swisscom’s fibre-optic network every year.

“We are expanding and maintaining the best network – even during high winds and bad weather. It is physically demanding to splice and lay optical fibres and climb up overhead lines. But I view it as a challenge and I am proud to be able to apply what I have learned directly on-site.”
Peter Fritschi, Project Manager, measurement robot - Manuel Haag, Senior Innovation Engineer

Ten times

more stringent than the international average – precautionary limits in Switzerland.

More precise

The use of the new measuring procedure ensures that transmitter emissions can be evaluated more realistically and precisely.


The applicable precautionary limits are an impediment to the introduction of new mobile technologies such as 5G.

“Thanks to targeted research, we have developed a measuring procedure for displaying spatially averaged results of electromagnetic fields. This is based on international norms and is easier to reproduce than the manual method used in the past.”
Pirmin Egloff, Mobile communication technician


of the Swiss population are equipped with 4G. 80% have 4G+, with up to 300 Mbps.

1 Gbps

can be reached in 11 Swiss cities.


of mobile sites in urban areas have reached their limit in terms of capacity and cannot be expanded any further.

“We have done our job well when the more than 440,000 travellers every day at Zurich Main Station can benefit from the best mobile phone network. We work even when others are asleep.”

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