Connecting Switzerland – from the highest Alp to the lowest valley

Swisscom is establishing networks throughout Switzerland – in cities and the countryside, as well as up in the Alps – giving everyone access to the digital world.

For those living up in the Alps, being connected to lower-lying areas and other people extremely important – for accepting guest reservations, ordering things or simply keeping in touch with loved ones. Swisscom has digitised 240 Alpine businesses and has thus networked the whole of Switzerland.

In the digital world, establishing networks does much more than just connect people. Digitisation makes our lives easier, with the Internet of Things easing our workload, organising our everyday lives, automating processes and connecting people, animals, objects and locations – both in smart cities and up in the networked Alps.

The network is the foundation and the Internet of Things makes it possible to use various applications:

A tracker for Krokus the Cow

Thirteen cows on Alp Funtauna have recently started wearing IoT trackers around their necks. This experiment shows how an Alps in Graubünden can benefit from the Internet of Things.

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