10 Information policy

Swisscom pursues an open, active information policy vis-à-vis shareholders, the general public and the capital markets. Shareholders are provided with notifications and announcements in accordance with Article 12 of the Articles of Incorporation, which are published in the Swiss Commercial Gazette. Swisscom publishes comprehensive, consistent and transparent financial information on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, it publishes an annual sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and an annual report including a management commentary, corporate governance report, remuneration report and the financial statements. The interim reports and annual report are available on the Swisscom website under “Investors” or may be ordered directly from Swisscom. The Sustainability Report is available on the Swisscom website under “Company”.

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Swisscom meets investors regularly throughout the year, presents its financial results at analysts’ meetings and road shows, attends selected conferences for financial analysts and investors, and keeps its shareholders and other interested parties continuously informed about its business through press releases.

Related presentations and the ad-hoc press releases published by Swisscom are available on the Swisscom website under “Investors”. It is possible to subscribe online to the ad-hoc press releases published by Swisscom.


The comprehensive minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 4 April 2018 and minutes from past meetings are available on the Swisscom website.


Those responsible for investor relations can be contacted via the website or by e-mail, telephone or post. The contact details and address of the head office may be found in the website publishing details.

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