Swisscom Switzerland

Residential Customers

The Residential Customers division offers mobile and fixed-line services. These include telephony, broadband, TV and mobile offerings as well as ICT solutions for SMEs.

Enterprise Customers

Whether voice or data, mobile or fixed-line, individual products or integrated solutions: Enterprise Customers designs, implements and operates entire ICT infrastructures for corporate customers.

IT, Network & Infrastructure

The division plans, operates and maintains the network and IT infrastructures in Switzerland.


The Wholesale segment provides other telecommunication service providers with access to the Swisscom fixed and mobile networks.


Fastweb is one of the largest providers of broadband services in Italy. Its product portfolio comprises voice, data, broadband and TV services as well as video-on-demand for residential and business customers. In addition, Fastweb offers mobile phone services on the basis of an MVNO contract (as a virtual network operator). It also provides comprehensive network services and customised solutions for corporate customers.

Other Operating Segments

With subsidiaries in the areas of network construction and maintenance (cablex), broadcasting services (Swisscom Broadcast) and collection (Billag, until end of 2018), Swisscom complements its core business in related areas. The new Digital Business unit is focused on growth areas in the fields of Internet services and digital business models and also encompasses business with online directories and telephone directories (localsearch).


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