Innovation as an important driver

Swisscom’s business environment is rapidly changing, so innovation and development – i.e. the commercially successful implementation of new ideas – are becoming increasingly important. Innovation is a fundamental driver of economic sustainability. Swisscom now derives much of its revenue from products that are only a few years old. Innovation is also an important lever that makes it possible to remain relevant in the core business, to generate growth in new markets and digitise internal work processes. Swisscom strives to anticipate strategic challenges, new growth areas and future customer needs at an early stage. Innovations are therefore driven by various approaches such as “Open Innovation”, “Cooperation”, “Ventures” and “Enabling Services”. It follows that innovation takes place in all areas of Swisscom and beyond, driven by partnerships with, for example, universities, start-ups and established technology companies. These are important success factors for actively shaping the ICT future in Switzerland.