Management approach

Swisscom’s investments not only create around CHF 5 bil­lion a year of added value for itself, but also benefit other companies and thus indirectly constitute an important contribution to Switzerland’s competitiveness and prosperity.

The network is at the very heart of Swisscom. Without an efficient infrastructure, Swisscom would not be in a position to offer its tried-and-tested services and support Switzerland, the Swiss population and local companies in the digitisation process.

At Swisscom, the IT, Network & Infrastructure division, headed by the CIO and CTO of Swisscom, is responsible for expanding the network. Its approximately 4,000 employees ensure that Swisscom offers its customers an optimal mix of technologies and that customers can easily make the most of their opportunities in the networked world. Swisscom therefore aims to be the first telecommunications provider in Switzerland to make innovations available to its customers and to meet their needs throughout Switzerland. Swisscom intends to supply 90% of Swiss households in building zones with speeds of at least 80 Mbps via the fixed network by the end of 2021. 5G is set to become the next-generation operating system for the digitisation of mobile communications. Swisscom already offers broadband Internet to 97% of Swiss homes and businesses, and, in mobile communications, 4G, 3G and 2G reach 99% of the Swiss population. Swisscom’s services are rated as very good by international standards. For example, international independent tests regularly show that Swisscom’s mobile network occupies a leading position within Switzerland, as well as in a country comparison of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Infrastructure competition in Switzerland remains intense. Swisscom will continue to have to prevail over other mobile communications providers, cable network operators and electricity providers. It is therefore investing CHF 1.6 bil­lion annually in its infrastructure, the highest level of investment in Switzerland.