After four years of intensive work – we are now migrating to IP

The migration to IP (Internet Protocol) is under way across the globe. Two million customers in Switzerland now communicate via IP. Voice telephony, TV, Internet and data all function with IP technology via a standardised network. Through the migration, Swisscom is putting in place the technical requirements for digital communication. Switzerland and Swisscom are thus ready for the new communication age.

Customers gain a lot of advantages from the migration. As does Swisscom, which can optimise its processes, respond more flexibly to customer needs and drive forward the decommissioning of old infrastructure. This is true for Nyon as well, which is one of the first of 20 municipalities in Switzerland to migrate completely to IP.

Work will begin on the full migration of customer lines to IP in the larger regions across Switzerland in 2018.

The migration of our customer Aqua Spa Resort

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