We always want Swisscom to be a source of inspiration for our customers.

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What was previously unheard of has now become a matter of course. We are able to pause live TV programmes at the touch of a button, can watch the news whenever we want and can easily record particularly exciting shows. In short, we watch television when we have the time to do so – wherever we are. What’s more, recommendations and an intelligent search function allow us to enjoy our favourite programmes in no time at all.

The move towards digitisation is bringing about an increasing number of changes in our private lives and, at the same time, providing companies with entirely new opportunities. We are, however, having to confront the many challenges that accompany the new opportunities. In order to be able to continue offering our customers the best in the networked world in the future, we will focus on providing optimal security, availability and quality for our products and services. We always want Swisscom to be a source of inspiration for our customers.

It’s also just as important to us that we support and enable the long-term use of digital media among the Swiss population and thus fulfil our responsibility to society.

Swisscom has recorded a solid result in what was a challenging market environment in 2015 and realigned the company in terms of its organisation to meet new challenges. To ensure the continued success of the company in the future, we will make further investments in our service, the development of our products and, above all, in our networks and infrastructures. We will also focus on cost management, optimising processes, and the migration to All-IP technology.

We have written bite-sized articles on all of these topics for you and hope that you enjoy reading them while taking the time to relax on the sofa for a few minutes.

Hansueli Loosli
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swisscom Ltd
Urs Schaeppi
CEO Swisscom Ltd

From left to right: Urs Schaeppi, CEO Swisscom Ltd,
Hansueli Loosli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swisscom Ltd

2015 in review

Ready for the fourth industrial revolution.

Following the steam engine, electricity and computers, we are now witnessing a fourth industrial revolution: the complete digitisation of the value chain is changing both Switzerland as a business location and Swisscom. Our company is tapping into new business areas and accompanying customers into the digital future.

Operating income (EBITDA) fell year-on-year as a result of non-recurring items such as provisions for ongoing proceedings, restructuring expenses and currency effects. High capital expenditure in its network infrastructure ensures that Swisscom leads the market in ultra-fast broadband. Fastweb is performing very well, increasing its revenue and operating income and expanding its customer base.

Net revenue

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Net income

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Some image

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation

Total capital expenditure

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on property, plant and equipment and intangible assets

Capital expenditure in Switzerland

Some image

on property, plant and equipment and intangible assets

Revenue Generating Unit (RGU)

Some image

Parameter that shows the number of sold services and therefore the economic development of the company

Tax in Switzerland

Some image

Current income tax to be paid to the federal government, cantons and municipalities by Swisscom

Third place

Swisscom ranks third in Switzerland in the 2015 Universum Global Ranking of the most attractive employers in the IT sector.

Corporate volunteering

1,206 employees took part in charity work as part of volunteering assignments. Swisscom supports this commitment and offers all employees two volunteering days a year.

Digital Days for Girls 2015

102 participants took part in the Digital Days for Girls in 2015, during which they were able to gain an insight into the daily routine of mediamatics and IT technicians, as well as vocational training at Swisscom.

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7 apprenticeship trades / 903 apprentices

Swisscom provides training in the following areas:

  • Mediamatics
  • Interactive Media Design
  • IT
  • Telematics
  • Commerce
  • Retailing
  • Customer services

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2,589 part-time positions

A flexible working model, the ability to shape one’s daily routine, combining different aspects of life – these are things we consider to be fundamental to our employees and the success of our company. Part-time positions in Switzerland accounted for 14.5% of the workforce in 2015, 60% were held by women and 40% by men.

91 nations

Swisscom employs staff from 91 countries. 26% are women and 74% are men.

A look behind the scenes.

Employees are extremely important, as they are the main factor in the success of a company. Even accountants, technicians and IT specialists that do not have direct contact with customers impact the way in which customers perceive a company and their level of satisfaction. This is precisely why each individual employee is important.

Swisscom would not be the company it is today without its motivated, creative and committed employees, whose work covers a wide range of areas. Three of them have given us an insight into their daily work. They tell us what they are passionate about, what they like best about their jobs, and how they contribute towards the implementation of the company strategy.

Malik Hashim holds training sessions at the Swisscom Academy to teach people how to use digital media.

Mathias Schmocker is a specialist for human-centred design and develops customer experiences.

Helene Nünlist makes sure that the mobile phone network is operating smoothly and coordinates faults.

Lukas Peter launched Swisscom Friends and works with his team on the expansion of the service.

Christian Blättler is an apprentice in his third training year and is developing myCloud for Mac OSX.


The best in the networked world – everywhere and all the time.

A refrigerator that automatically orders more milk? Ideas that sound futuristic today will become possible with the Internet of Things – when people, applications and machines are networked and communicate independently. In 2015, around five billion devices were interconnected. This figure is expected to rise to 25 billion by 2020.

The Internet of Things is possibly the most important trend and will fundamentally change our economy. Swisscom is already being influenced by it today. Our business is changing from that of telecommunications provider to supplier of integrated technology solutions. We develop integrated solutions for our customers and offer them the best in the networked world, everywhere and at all times: the best infrastructure and the best experiences.

The digital world is opening up new, previously unimagined possibilities. Swisscom is committed to ensuring that every person and business in Switzerland can take advantage of the opportunities presented by the networked world.

Switzerland spends more per capita on developing its telecommunications infrastructure than any other country. In 2015, Swisscom alone invested 1.8 billion Swiss francs in Swiss IT and infrastructure, securing about 100,000 jobs in the process.

On 1 January 2016, Swisscom reorganised its group structure and geared itself more firmly to digitisation – with the aim of improving the customer experience from a single source, boosting its effectiveness in the ICT market and creating greater innovative freedom.

Opening up new possibilities as pioneer, partner and shaper

Digitisation offers many opportunities and opens up countless new possibilities – for companies, and for Switzerland as a business location. For Swisscom it is important that every person and business in Switzerland can take advantage of the opportunities presented by the networked world. And so it bravely leads the way as a pioneer, actively promoting digitisation and providing a role model for other companies. As a shaper, Swisscom aims to help Switzerland develop into one of Europe’s leading ICT countries and secure a competitive advantage. In everything it does, Swisscom aims to be a straightforward, trustworthy and inspiring partner for its customers in the networked world.

Building the best infrastructure

A solid foundation.

When reaching for new heights, you first need to ensure that you have a solid foundation under your feet, for a safe launch as well as a safe landing. In the digital world, this solid foundation is a high-performance infrastructure. This facilitates technological innovations such as the ability to watch Ultra HD TV at home, conduct HD video conferences in the office and make video calls in the mountains.

Switzerland boasts one of the best infrastructures worldwide: Swisscom’s mobile phone network covers more than 99% of the Swiss population and enables them to surf the web no matter where they are. No other country has as many broadband connections per resident – in 2015, the figure was 47 connections per 100 residents.

The data volume transmitted over our networks is growing all the time. And we’re continually improving the infrastructure. By the end of 2016, 4G/LTE coverage will extend to 99% of the population, with bandwidth of up to 150 Mbps. The new 5G mobile communication standard is expected to become available from 2020. By the end of 2017, traditional fixed-line technology is set to be replaced by the future-oriented Internet Protocol (IP) – TV, Internet and even fixed-line telephony will all be transmitted on the same network and will speak the same language, namely IP. Swisscom also takes innovative approaches: mobile communication antennas developed in house are being installed in existing fixed-network conduits in the road, using the power supply and Internet access available there and offering customers higher bandwidths. The pilot project is being carried out in four cities.

Winner of Connect test

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Swisscom came out on top in Connect magazine’s mobile network test, both in Switzerland and in a comparison with networks in Germany and Austria.

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Investment in Switzerland

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CHF 1.8 billion – Swisscom’s investment in IT and infrastructure in 2015, primarily in the expansion of the ultra-fast broadband network within Switzerland.

Mobile network

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3G/2G – 99% network coverage with third- and second-generation mobile technology.
4G/LTE – 98% network coverage with the latest mobile communication standard.
5G – Swisscom is set to offer the new mobile communication standard in 2020. This new standard can handle data rates up to 100 times higher than current LTE networks, has up to 1,000 times more capacity and consumes up to 90% less energy per mobile service.

Some image

Swisscom is testing, a hybrid fibre-glass technology (made of copper and glass) offering bandwidths of up to 500 Mbps. This is achieved by using a higher frequency spectrum on copper cables. The village of Bibern in the municipality of Buchegg, canton Solothurn, is one of the first places in Switzerland to benefit from the new transmission standard. Since April 2015, the first customers have been able to surf at speeds of up to 500 Mbps even if they do not have an FTTH connection. Swisscom is the first telecommunications company in Europe to allow customers to surf the web with the standardised chipset.

Network expansion

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Swisscom leads the way in network expansion. As at the end of 2015, 2.9 million homes and offices had been connected with ultra-fast broadband.

All IP

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As at the end of 2015, Swisscom already had more than 1 million customers on IP. With All IP, which means “all via the Internet Protocol”, services such as TV, data and now also fixed-line telephony run over a single IP-based network. All IP thus forms the basis for the digitisation of communication and for future services.

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With the Cloud, Swisscom is building the digital basis for Switzerland, for residential and business customers – with data securely stored in Switzerland. Swisscom TV is just one example of what is possible. The Swisscom Cloud is based on the same platform for all operator models, be they infrastructures, platforms or software – a globally unique approach.

Network expansion 2020

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85% of all homes and offices in Switzerland will have an ultra-fast broadband connection by the end of 2020.

Coverage at 30 Mbps

Some image

Switzerland is already on the verge of achieving the objectives laid down in the EU’s digital agenda for 2020 (100% coverage at 30 Mbps). In rural areas, the broadband coverage of 89% of all homes and offices at 30 Mbps is almost four times higher than in the EU (25%).

Offering the best experiences

Consciously shaping customer experiences.

These days, good products and services are no longer enough. The experience economy is at the fore of developed markets – people want to experience something special.

The central question is therefore: what can a company do to make things easier for its customers and enrich their lives? Swisscom is convinced that the positivity and emotions a customer experiences when dealing with a company represent a strong competitive advantage. They drive sustainable differentiation and value creation.

From the product development stage onwards, people rather than technology are the centre of our attention. This is a prerequisite for innovation in the digital world.

Swisscom focuses on personalised services (Swisscom TV 2.0), supports companies in their endeavours to digitalise (Smart Enterprise Services) and provides express delivery for online purchases. New service offers also revolve around providing the best customer experiences. With My Service, customers subscribe to an all-round carefree package covering advisory services and device installations, as well as support with any technical problems. The Swisscom Friends community is being expanded, providing neighbourly help with technical issues.

No matter where or when our customers get in touch, they should be delighted by our consistent service and our simplicity across all channels.

Swisscom Friends – neighbourly help

In collaboration with start-up company Mila, Swisscom Friends offers flexible, rapid on-site customer support with technical issues. Over 2,000 voluntary Swisscom Friends have already registered, dealing with enquiries within 24 hours. The Swisscom Friends programme has proven successful, with over 1,000 deployments per month.

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My Service

Is your computer, smartphone or tablet causing you trouble? My Service provides rapid, tailored support on the phone, in the shop or at your home. Customers receive help immediately – either on a subscription basis or as required. Whether it be installing new devices, providing explanations or regularly assisting with maintenance and updates, support is provided for all devices and programmes.

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My Swisscom app

Just a click away. Costs, offers, fault reports, maintenance in the area – the My Swisscom app summarises all of this information. The practical self-checkout feature lets customers pay for accessories from over 100 shops up to a total value of CHF 100 – simply use the My Swisscom app to scan, pay and take away. 20,000 customers are already using the app.

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Same Day Delivery

Item ordered – and sent out the very same day. The express delivery service sends online purchases out to customers’ homes by bicycle courier within just a few hours – to arrive at a time of your choice. Simply place your order by 4 p.m. and receive your purchase the very same day. This service has already been rolled out to the Zurich, Berne, Basel, Lucerne, Zug, Geneva, Lausanne, Sankt Gallen, Winterthur and Chur areas.

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Human-centred design

We have converted 3,500 m2 of office space into rooms for creative collaboration, implemented 100 projects and trained over 4,000 employees. Why? To develop products and services that are human-centred. In human-centred design, a conscious decision is made to create attractive and memorable customer experiences. We take the time to involve our customers and customer-facing staff in the development phase. Feedback from just eight customers can help us identify 85% of problems at an early stage.

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Swisscom’s new label, “nova”, enables us to bring products and services to the market, so that they can be further developed in collaboration with our customers. Agile product development is important at a time when our business is increasingly software driven and new products are developed incrementally on the market. The “nova” label provides Swisscom with the elbow room to do just that. New ideas are tested and optimised with the help of interested customers as early on as possible. As is the case with all of Swisscom's products and services, the “nova” label must comply with strict safety, data security and quality regulations.

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My digital life...

...comprises all of our endeavours to compile our customers' digital data to form the basis for new customer experiences. We are convinced: the opportunities that digitalisation opens up to individuals and business people are used to their best advantage in a local, networked ecosystem. This is why we develop new digital services in collaboration with customers – in the state-of-the-art Swiss cloud. In 2015, Swisscom launched myCloud, the star product of the “My digital life” initiative, and tested it in a pilot phase involving 7,710 users.


The Swiss online storage solution for personal data. With myCloud, photos, video clips and files can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and they can be shared via smartphone app, the web and Swisscom TV 2.0. The data is saved exclusively on Swisscom servers in Switzerland.

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Swisscom TV 2.0

New TV box
The new UHD-enabled TV box is set to be launched in spring 2016.

Replay guide
The Replay guide helps customers find the content they want from up to 30,000 available Replay programmes. Customers can easily browse films, series, documentaries, entertainment programmes and much more, according to genre.

1.33 m
1.33 m customers use Swisscom TV. Over 60% do so using the cloud-based Swisscom TV 2.0 service.

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Realise the best growth opportunities

Long-term growth.

What helps us achieve long-term growth and sustained value creation? Swisscom believes in growth close to its core business. This is something it is developing. People and their relationships are at the heart of everything we do.

Life is becoming networked by the Internet of Things: drinks containers in restaurants communicate their filling levels and temperatures in real time, which simplifies quality assurance and logistics. Sensors measure the level of disposable containers, thereby avoiding overfilling or empty runs, which in turn saves costs and protects the environment. Cloud technology is essential for such applications. Swisscom is developing a cloud in which private customers can safely store their data and from which business customers can securely access their applications. All of this data remains in Switzerland.

In the health care sector, we are advocating the use of the electronic patient dossier and are networking 4,000 service providers in the canton of Zurich, such as hospitals, doctors, care homes, Spitex and pharmacies, to facilitate the exchange of medical records. This makes processes more efficient and increases the quality of medical care. The 360°Healthcare health management app launched in 2014 by Medgate and Swisscom provides users with access to medical care at any time and wherever they are.

New digital services offer growth opportunities. Whether vehicle fleets, buildings, lifts or coffee machines: Swisscom supports companies in machine-to-machine communication.

We are involved in the banking and energy sectors, in which ICT solutions can increase value creation. For example, we are bringing online-banking services to customers in their homes.

Swisscom is continuing to actively develop its subsidiary Fastweb. By continuously expanding the ultra-fast broadband network, building partnerships and improving service quality, it aims to further strengthen its strong market position in Italy and generate growth. Investment in broadband networks is paying off. Fastweb is continuing its expansion of the ultra-fast broadband network and aims to have covered around 7.5 million homes and offices, or 30% of the population, by the end of 2016.

Interact platform

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The Interact platform offers a wealth of mobile services that make interaction with end customers and visitors even more individual. The platform enables them to receive information at the right time, in the right place and in the right context – keyword “location-based services”. Business customers can thus digitise their customer experience and create real added value for both their customers and their companies.

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Some image

siroop, a joint venture between Coop and Swisscom, is the first open online marketplace in Switzerland. The company employs over 80 staff. Both partners will be contributing their expertise in digitisation, e-commerce, marketing and retail. With products from national, regional and local retailers, siroop is expected to become the most popular and important online marketplace in Switzerland.

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Managing traffic

Some image

Swisscom has been working with the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) to develop an application that uses anonymised and aggregated movement data from the mobile phone network in order to constantly measure speed and journey times. This should enable traffic to be managed more effectively in order to prevent or reduce traffic jams.

The city of Lenzburg

Some image

Smart parking
The hunt for a parking space is over. In Lenzburg, the approximately 80 parking spaces near the castle send information about their current occupancy to a central parking management system via the low-power network (LPN). The LPN connects objects that exchange only small amounts of data and require a minimal power supply to run. The pilot project highlights the opportunities offered to cities by the Internet of Things.

Example from Pully

Some image

Together with Swisscom, the town of Pully in the canton of Vaud is implementing a forward-looking project: making traffic flows visible based on anonymised and aggregated mobile phone data. This will enable the town to plan its infrastructures in a more targeted manner and manage them more easily in future. Smart Cities use digitisation and network their infrastructure, thereby sustainably reinforcing their living space.

Internet of Things

Some image

The Internet of Things has long since become a reality. Although it is growing exponentially, it is not very visible yet. Swisscom is setting up a mobile network for the Internet of Things and, in collaboration with its partners, is developing solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

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Some image

Emptying without empty journeys
Empty journeys and overflowing waste disposal and recycling containers are a thing of the past, as is the pollution they cause. A sensor continuously transmits fill levels to headquarters. In summary: optimising the collection schedule in line with fill levels reduces costs and CO2 emissions. Container management improves safety and cleanliness.

Stromer ST2 e-bike

Some image

Bikes that communicate
The world’s first digitally connected e-bike tells its owner when it has been stolen and where it is. Thanks to an M2M SIM card in the bike and Swisscom’s M2M Connectivity Services, owners can communicate with their bicycles, adjust the settings remotely and activate the anti-theft protection.

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Some image

Drinks containers that get involved
Finally, drinks containers in restaurants are helping with the brain work. Sensors measure how full they are, as well as the temperature and pressure in the containers. The containers recognise when the beer is running low and trigger a new order. Barkeepers check on the system using a tablet or smartphone, and if temperatures rise or pressure falls, they can take action immediately.


Some image

Greater lift safety
If you get stuck in a lift, you need help fast. The emergency call is now sent via the mobile network, enabling service technicians to remotely diagnose faults on their smartphones. Lift data is also transmitted in real time, allowing technicians to solve problems faster – ideally, before they arise.

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Some image

New regulations, falling margins and new competition make for a challenging market environment for banks. Swisscom relieves over 170 Swiss banks of complexity and costs by providing comprehensive IT and business process outsourcing. In addition, our banking think tank assists banks with their digital transformation, paving the way for new digital, mobile customer experiences.

80 banks have outsourced the operation and further development of their systems to Swisscom. Over 50 banks have entrusted Swisscom with their payment transaction processing and their securities business.

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Some image

For years now, Swiss health care costs have been on the rise. Pressure on hospitals and other service providers to reduce spending is increasing. Improving efficiency and optimising processes harbour great savings potential. Innovative information and communication technology (ICT) solutions can contribute to this.

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Our responsibility

Working together to increase sustainability.

Sometimes the networked world seems like an information jungle, in which a trustworthy and competent companion is a welcome bonus.

Swisscom is this companion. Our company envisages a Switzerland in which future generations will have the same opportunities we have today. Our commitments to the environment, to society and to the economy are anchored in our corporate strategy and backed up by binding targets.

Together with our customers, we are aiming to save twice as much CO2 as we emit through our operations and supply chain by 2020. To this end we are using green ICT products which dramatically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by companies. Swisscom has also reduced its direct CO2 emissions by more than half since 1990.

Swisscom not only offers everyone access to new technologies, but is also committed to promoting the responsible use of digital media. Thanks to the Schools on the Net programme, more than 5,808 schools, 25,000 teachers and a million schoolchildren can surf the Internet for free. In our media courses, we have provided more than 27,000 schoolchildren, parents and teachers in 2015 with training on media use. At the Swisscom Academy, over 12,000 first-time and interested users were able to find out how to get even more from their smartphone and tablet.

Sustainable innovation is the basis of the digital economy. The modular research platform NEST is being set up in Dübendorf to connect research and the economy. In future, residential customers will be using new mobility services from Swisscom.

Binding targets

In our view, sustainability primarily means acting in a sustainable manner. We have therefore set ourselves binding targets in six key areas, which we aim to meet by 2020. Here are two examples:

  • We’re supporting a million people in using digital media in a secure and responsible way.
  • We want to offer a million customers an opportunity to use mobile working models.

Systematically checked

Our company is assessed and certified regularly by renowned independent auditors. We meet or surpass our industry’s typical standards and norms, including ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management and others.

Strong partnerships

Together with long-term partners, we work to increase sustainability. Important partners include Solar Impulse, WWF, the Youth and Media programme, Swiss Solidarity, Umwelt Arena and the Work Smart initiative.

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enter – the guide to digital media

The latest edition of this free media guide asks about good role models, addresses the flood of information, explains what Big Data means in our everyday family lives and tackles controversial issues that affect families.

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Energy and Climate Pioneers

The Energy and Climate Pioneers initiative offers school classes from kindergarten to high school an opportunity to run their own projects to promote the sustainable use of energy and take the pressure off the environment, from environmentally friendly lunches to water-saving faucets in schools. The partners of the initiative are Swisscom, Energy Switzerland, the myclimate foundation and Solar Impulse.

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How much do companies and organisations contribute to the common good in Switzerland? In 2015, Swisscom ranked 13th overall in the GemeinwohlAtlas (Public Value Atlas) – and first among listed companies. The people of Switzerland can see and appreciate what Swisscom does for the country’s benefit.

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Outlook for 2016

The best in today’s networked world – everywhere and anytime.

Swisscom operates in a highly competitive market, which is characterised by significant upheavals, fierce competition and strong price pressure. 2016 will be a challenging year, as these trends grow more acute. The political agenda for 2016 is equally demanding.

Swisscom reorganised its group structure on 1 January 2016, thereby strengthening areas with close customer proximity and, with its new Digital Business unit, gearing itself more firmly towards digitisation. With these changes, Swisscom aims to improve the customer experience from a single source, simplify processes, increase efficiency and create a greater sense of innovative freedom.

Swisscom has set itself ambitious targets in order to compensate for the anticipated fall in revenue and income, thus maintaining financial strength for the high level of investment in new technologies and business areas and offsetting the drop in revenue.

In our networked, digitised world, people, objects and devices are increasingly communicating with one another. This presents great challenges not only to Swisscom, but also to other companies and industries. However, we can also see the numerous opportunities on offer, as digitisation calls for intelligent communication solutions. What’s more, this is our core business. This is where we, as a technology partner, want and are able to support our customers so that they can use the opportunities presented by digitisation to best effect. We are also working together with partners in a concerted effort to ensure that we are able to exploit the potential of digitisation even more effectively. For example, we are working with Coop on siroop, the Swiss online market place.

The main requirement for digitisation is an efficient, nationwide and secure network. We therefore aim to press ahead with the expansion of ultra-fast broadband with the latest technologies and continue to offer the best network in Switzerland and Italy.

We also want to use the digitisation period to develop innovative communication solutions for a wide range of industries and therefore become the best technology partner for our customers. At the same time, we are continuously improving our products and services, so that we can provide our customers with even more effective support, thus ensuring they enjoy a great deal of success.

In addition to the challenges posed by digital transformation, important regulatory issues on the political agenda include the vote on the “Pro Service public” initiative, the amendments to the Telecommunications Act and the Ordinance on Telecommunication Services regarding the definition of basic service, and the Ordinance on Protection from Non-ionizing Radiation (ONIR).

The forthcoming rulings could be detrimental not only to Swisscom, but also to the whole of Switzerland as an attractive business location with high investment and an excellent network infrastructure offering good value for money.