Michel Grädel, Security expert - Stephan Rickauer, Head, Red Team (From left to right)

Swisscom already has a high-level security culture. By conducting targeted attacks, the Red Team is able to identify weaknesses that were either previously unknown or not given a sufficiently high priority by Swisscom’s security concepts.

Optimum security

An average of five specific security measures can be recommended for each cyber attack.

Simulating cyber attacks

A realistic cyber attack by the Red Team lasts three weeks on average.

“We put ourselves in the minds of real cyber criminals and attack Swisscom several times a year. We’re the good hackers.”
Thomas Birchmeier, Product manager - Denis Schlauss, IT architect - Isabella Kosch, Strategic product developer - Alexander Schradt, Interface designer (From left to right)

The Swisscom TV team plans and coordinates the development of Swisscom TV from both a technical and a visual perspective. Its primary aim is to produce a consistent TV experience across all screens and for all target groups. This has also led to the introduction of the first functions for barrier-free TV.

375 music CDs

This is the volume of data that Swisscom TV delivers to our customers at peak times – per second.

36 kWh

of electricity is consumed annually by a Swisscom TV box, which equates to the cost of one or two cups of coffee at a restaurant.

“We are proud to commit ourselves to investing in ‘Switzerland’s most popular television’. It is what drives us every single day. Agile and rapid development enables us to react to customer needs in a targeted manner. It’s important to us that our services are simple and intuitive to use so that even people with sensory impairments have easy access.”
Lias Hess, First-year mediamatics apprentice - Michelle Bösiger, First-year commercial apprentice - Timon Wüthrich, First-year mediamatics apprentice (From left to right)

In their role as sustainability ambassadors, apprentices attend internal team meetings and report on how Swisscom supports sustainability. The apprentices then work together with their team on their contribution towards sustainability.


pupils, parents and teachers were trained in media skills by Swisscom in 2016.

900 team meetings

in total are attended by apprentices.

“We can make a difference by passing on our knowledge. Our commitment to sustainability therefore certainly pays off at Swisscom.”
Matthias Dobmann, Repair Center training coordinator - Alban Sabani, Repair Center service technician (From left to right)

The Repair Center are located directly inside Swisscom Shops. Where possible, defective smartphones are repaired within 24 hours, while express repairs can be carried out in just three hours.

15,400 devices

were taken to Repair Center in 2016.

Huge demand

Nine Repair Center have been opened in Germanspeaking and French-speaking Switzerland to date.

“As technicians, we are usually in the background and have no direct contact with the customer. At the Repair Center, we can see customers’ reactions and enjoy how happy they are to get their working smartphone back.”
Marco Burri, Service technician - Markus Zahler, Service technician (From left to right)

Swisscom is building the network of the future. Customer Field Service provides on-site support for SMEs, residential customers and corporate customers. It assists customers in migrating to IP (Internet Protocol) and ensures the switch goes smoothly.

800 technicians

on average are working for our customers seven days a week.

1,526,909 interventions

are carried out annually at customer premises and exchanges.

“We have our finger on our customers’ pulse and can respond individually to their personal needs. The trust they place in us motivates us every day, whatever the weather, day and night.”

Trends, customers and employees

The virtual reality trend

More than just a gimmick?