Corporate strategy

Swisscom is the Swiss market leader for mobile telecommunications, fixed-line telephony and television. It also occupies a leading market position in a wide range of IT business segments. Fastweb is a leading alternative provider for both retail and business customers in the Italian fixed-line market.

Megatrends such as digitisation and connectivity, customisation and demographic change are shaping and altering our society and the economy in the long run and have a long-term impact on the activities of Swisscom. The increasing proliferation of the Internet of Things, the 5G mobile telephony standard being ready for market and the advancements made in the field of artificial intelligence are short to medium-term trends that impact Swisscom’s business.

The market environment in which Swisscom operates has changed in recent years. Characteristic examples of this include increasing connectivity, changing customer needs, the growing importance of security and data protection, and technological progress. The pace of change has accelerated. Global Internet companies are using their economies of scale and pushing their way into local ICT markets. The core market is saturated, with competition becoming increasing fierce and prices under considerable pressure, which is further squeezing Swisscom’s revenue. Swisscom is looking for ways to compensate for the resulting decrease in revenue and income.


Swisscom is a market, technology and innovation leader in Switzerland with high quality standards, connecting both residential and corporate customers. It is at the heart of digitisation and enables its customers to seize the opportunities presented by the networked world without difficulty. In everything it does, Swisscom focuses on people’s needs. Its employees work in concert to provide inspirational experiences. Swisscom is committed and trustworthy in its actions and consistently seeks to learn new things and develop itself further, without ever losing sight of what is important when pursuing its goals. What matters most to Swisscom is its customers’ trust in it. That trust is strengthened by Swisscom’s high reliability and sustainability in everything it undertakes. To make its vision of being a leader in shaping the future and inspiring people in a networked world a reality, Swisscom has set out three strategic aspirations that give tangible expression to its strategy.