Other environmental aspects in the company

It takes not only energy but also a multitude of materials to operate telecommunications networks. Handling this efficiently is not only logical from an economic perspective, but also protects the environment and is therefore in line with Swisscom’s value system. Swisscom endeavours to continuously refine the environmental compatibility of its operations and the conservation of natural resources.

Swisscom therefore pays attention to its ecological operation. As part of its environmental management system according to ISO 14001, it processes environmental aspects systematically and has significantly optimised its operation with regard to its ecological footprint. The annual review of target progress shows that further non-energy reduction targets or measures produce only relatively minor improvements. Swisscom therefore intends to reduce consumption via the other environmental aspects or at worst to limit it to the same level as in the previous year. It is also focusing increasingly on qualitative measures such as selecting, recycling and reusing materials. Further information on measures in other environmentally relevant areas can be found in the sections below.