Data protection

Almost all of Swisscom’s divisions process personal data. This is particularly important in the provision of services and the handling of business relationships. The ongoing digitisation process offers a plethora of possibilities for optimising and further developing services for customers and for improving the efficiency of operational processes. Swisscom stands for responsible, transparent and legally compliant handling of customers’ and employees’ personal data.

It works continuously to extend its data protection measures. For example, new processes and methods ensure that data protection interests are taken into account at an even earlier stage when planning projects. In addition, staff training was intensified in order to further improve their knowledge of the handling of personal data.

For some time, Swisscom has been giving its customers the opportunity to influence the processing of their data. Customers can opt out of their data being used for smart data applications in the online customer centre and at the points of contact.

Data protection within Swisscom is controlled and monitored by a central data governance unit. This has been further expanded so all business areas are actively supported with the necessary resources and knowledge to ensure compliance with legal requirements and Swisscom’s pledge of trustworthiness.